What do we mean by worship of Sri Chakra

It means worship of yourself, loving yourself, understanding yourself, understanding the process by which you have become differentiated from others and trying to retrace the steps and then merging with your true self.

You define for yourself a role model and then live that: that is what you are. You have to understand that this life is like a drama in which you have to make a role for yourself and learn how to play that role. You can take up a different role. It is your choice what role you want to play. "I want to be a goldsmith". That is fine. "I want to be a mother". That is fine.

But remember that you are playing the game and that these are only rules for the game that you have defined for yourself. One who can hire a person can fire the person. Those who make the rules can also break the rules.

So don't be afraid to break rules if you feel the need to outgrow them.

Sri Amritananda