Your body is a temple where God lives. Clean the temple and worship the God within. Cleaning, decorating and serving the body is called pooja, the worship.
On December 30, the last Friday of the year 2022, we will celebrate the end of this wonderful year and splendor of the human body in a decadent sauna atmosphere in Tallinn old town.

We will meditate, worship and decorate the most beautiful creation of the Creator, perform tantric rituals and sensually serve each other sushi.

For the end of the night, we will indulge in sauna, jacuzzi and within our heightened company.

We start at 15.00 and the event is over by 22.00. 

To create an intimate atmosphere, the number of participants is limited. A contribution is 150 euros per person and 280 euros for a couple.

Further information is provided on the registration