March 22. - 24.

Tantric oil ritual is a sensual and intimate event for those who want to increase the feeling of love, abundance and intimacy in their relationship or open up for a relationship.

It is a safe space to observe oneself and softly sink into pleasure, meet the like-minded and mingle in a sensual and respectful way.

We will sharpen our senses, increase inner peace and sensitivity with soft yet deep practices, demystify sexuality and find meaning for sensuality, sexuality and love.

We will dance, meditate, do yoga, oil massage, sauna and have fun. On Saturday evening we will do a powerful tantric oil ritual.

The venue is a nice and comfortable cottage in the landscape of North-West Estonia. We are gathering on Friday evening and finish at lunch on Sunday

Couples and single are welcome. Participation cost is 140 euros per person or 270 euros for couple.

Further information is provided on registration
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